Oosterhout monastery’s wine sold out in five days

The sisters of the Sint Catharinadal monastery in Oosterhout were stuck with some 20 thousand bottles of wine from their own vineyard that didn’t sell because the coronavirus crisis brought the number of visitors to a halt. But after getting some help from the platform Breda Maakt Mij Blij, that wine sold out in five days.

“They think it a miracle themselves,” Thibaud van der Steen of Breda Maakt Mij Blij said to EditieNL. “A few weeks ago we took action for the sisters. We made a video with them and put their wine on the market. And it went like a train. Orders were really coming from all over the country, from the Wadden to Maastricht.”

The nuns use the proceeds of their wine to maintain the monastery and the surrounding landscape. Sint Catharinadal monastery is the oldest one in the Netherlands.

And the wine sold just in time. Because the new shipment is arriving later this month. “The 2019 wine is now almost ready, so that will have to be sold again. And later this month we can also pick the grapes from this year. Then too we will help the sisters with about a hundred volunteers,” Van der Steen said.

Those interested in helping the Sint Catharinadal monastery can do so via this site.